Wednesday, November 28, 2012

post #5

After arriving on lad the men are soon to find out it is not as glorious as they seemed. Although they are not on freezing cold water any more they are still suffering from frostbite and a couple of the men are forced to cut off their toes. When the men had originally made landfull their egos' were boosted and they felt a wave of relief. But unfortunately after a while they begin to loose hope and begin to think no one is coming. A few of the men left to try and find a better area to make camp but unfortunately never came back. Now Shackleton and four other men are looking for them. Just when you thought conditions could not get any worse they begin to plummit even farther. I hope to see the men get saved and live after battling the hardest fight they have ever probably been faced with.

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  1. so many things have gone wrong with the men and i think this was one of the parts where is was by far the worse. Between losing men and having to cut off toes..this is tough for them.