Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post #4

Finally the men were on land! I love the line at the end of this section about how they were finally on "solid, unsinkable, immovable, blessed land." This part started very rocky as the men were in the ocean in the three boats dealing with pressure and wind and chunks of ice. They had to be even more alert than before so as to make sure they were not crushed by large floes and did not get separated from one another; which does wind up happening. They had to sleep in the boats because boarding a large chunk of ice was way too dangerous. It was a whole new experience for the men to deal with. Despite these conditions however they still kept pushing on. Their motivation is seriously very inspiring. After facing hardship after hardship they don't simply give up; they keep on fighting. Many of the men have health concerns that are raised in this part. One in particular being Blackboro who's feet have become ganglion and he probably won't be able to walk again. In a way it is kind of ironic since he was the stowaway. Another part in this section that stood out to me was when the Docker got separated from the other boats and there was a lot on confusion uncertainty in the air. Those on board the Docker thought that the others were goners. Luckily they spotted them come morning and on that same day washed up onto land. While this is very exciting at the same time the men are still in the middle of nowhere really. Their future is still very uncertain and while they have survived thus far I wonder what will come their way next.


  1. Yes, this line was great. It's a shame we take being on land for granite since it is a norm to us. Wow, I couldn't even imagine how this would feel. It is such a shame all they have been through together.

  2. Could you imagine being in a boat for a year!? I agree that that line is very powerful. It really does capture the mindsets of the men. Land is so regular to us and goes so unnoticed. To walk a day in these men's shoes would be unimaginable and very difficult.