Monday, November 26, 2012

Part III

     Part III of Endurance is very up and down. There are times when the morale of the men is pretty high, they have positive feelings towards Shackleton, and the food is just enough. However, there are other instances where it seems the men are at their breaking point. Between the cold weather and snow, the sometimes low rations of food, and the moodiness of the men- times get hard. The men seem to start losing faith in their leader.
     When Shackleton suggests that the men eat the dogs, it causes emotional havoc among the men. Imagine having to kill your dog and then eat it nonetheless. I could never! And if I did, I doubt I would be able to keep it down- if you know what I mean.
      When the wind picks up, the men are ecstatic. They are ready to get moving and continue their journey. Eventually, however, they realize they are being blown in the wrong direction. Again, their emotions feel as if they are on a roller coaster. Morale is low at the end of Part III.

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  1. The part where Shackleton ordered the men to shoot the dogs was so sad. You could tell that they had a hard time with it, too. It was just another emotional blow the men had to take. The dogs were like that last bit of home they had left. It must have been very traumatic to lose them.