Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post 4

Wow! This section was very intense. I found the men's motivation and bravery to be outstanding. Although some of the men did start to hit their breaking point ( I can only imagine why), some did not and they are very strong courageous men. I keep forgetting that this a true story, and real men actually experienced the events mentioned in this book. I found some of this events to be very intense parts of the book. For one, the whales surrounding them popping out of the sea around them, the crew being separated, not knowing if they would be able to regroup, and the freezing cold waters they were stuck in with 30 foot seas crashing down. I could not imagine being someone who was stuck in this mess. I do not think I would have the motivation to push through and try and survive this test. Their motivation is profound, and I am happy to be able to read this story, and admire their significant motivation.


  1. I agree that this section was the most intense! I was so impressed with how well all the men did throughout their journey. I can't believe they were on boats all night. Even still, a lot of the crew didn't even complain about the hardships they went through.

  2. I completely agree with you! Especially when you mentioned you almost forgot you were reading a true story. It was almost like the circumstances were so profound you assume they could not have really happened.

  3. i agree with you on the motivation part. I know for sure i would have most likely jump out of the boat and drowned myself lol. Im not suicidal, but im also not optimistic. They had some courage to withstand all they did and not give up.