Thursday, November 29, 2012

Final Project Post

General Overview:
               In this course Motivation we learned what motivates people to do everything in their daily life. And how they decide to act. Some of the types of motivation that we learned about were the "push and pull" method, different types of emotions; universal and multi-channeled, universal motives of sex, fear, food, and music. These topics were very interesting, especially the push and pull method.
               The push and pull method is where there is an incentive to motivate everything that you do from day to day. For example: hunger motivates you to eat. Everything that you want or need to do is motivated by an incentive So literally speaking everything that you do has a reason or meaning about why you want to do it.

Favorite part of the course:
               My favorite part of this course was definitely the push and pull method because I thought that it was extremely interesting to talk and learn about. When the class first started talking about it I was interested in hearing how this worked immediately. I thought it was really cool to see how with every single thing that you do there is an incentive for you to actually do it. Some other examples are: why do you go to college: to get a degree, why do you want a degree: to get a job, why do you want a job: yo make money and I can continue with this list as to reasons why you do something and what the incentive is to do it.
               There is an incentive to literally everything in your daily routine as to why you do it. And that is why I chose this as my favorite thing that we learned in this class. It was extremely interesting and pretty cool. Although there were many other things that I liked as well we were only aloud to pick one.


               This video is about incentives and sales people but it can be related to what you do every day and how there are incentives that make you do what you do daily:


               Ways that I use what we have learned in my daily life is the push and pull method. I use this in my daily routine every single day. There are some days that I'm like I really do not want to go to class but then I think to myself that if I don't go then I am going to miss so much material and that could jeopardize me getting a good grade, passing the course and not getting a degree. So my incentive is to actually go to class so that I will eventually graduate and then get my degree to get a job and then make money. So yes I do use what I have learned in this class in the real world.

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