Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post #6

16 months have passed and Shackleton's self confidence is starting to wither away....16 months and just starting to about tunnel vision or having blinders on...This man has brought motivation to a new level.
What struck me throughout this chapter is how not only the crew survived but how this boat , frail in size, compared to enormous ,inmense waves and rolling waters, made in through to South Georgia.  Wind s were upwards to 120 miles per hour and the waves rolled over the vessel more than once.

what i have surmised is that giving up was not an option...there was no where to way to give up would have been a more tortorous ordeal, i think, then moving ahead. 

even through frostbite , dead white bodies, and matted beards, the most striking feature of the men was there attitude..."relaxed...even faintly jovial"(236).

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