Saturday, November 17, 2012


Section five certainly kept me on the edge of my seat. There is so much going on during this section of the book that really showed great motivation. The seamen have all experienced numerous unbearable events, and they are overcoming the obstacles like pros in my opinion. I was so relieved when they finally reached land. I am so afraid of the ocean, which isn’t good because I live three blocks from it, but anyway, my fear of the ocean and their experiences with…huge waves, hundreds of day in it with not real protection, sea lions, frostbite, and more makes me so nervous while I read it that when they hit land I wanted to throw them a party myself. I was happy for them when they all feasted!  They totally deserved it. I still feel bad for their sleep deprivation. I honestly do not know how they function the way they do without getting decent sleep. I would have never survived a task like this. My motivation to live would have drowned right in the ocean. I hope that the men all survive… at this point they have already come so far. I am excited to finish it soon and see if they really do not lose their motivation because it has started to really drop by the end of this section.

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