Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chapter 5 Shackleton vs Maslow...

The book  keeps  getting better and better...Did Maslow ever read about Shackleton's Journey?  I would say not ...because if he did...The pyramid would be upside down!  Maslow contends that the most basic needs but me met first before one can have a strong desire or focus motivation upon...Chapter 5 displays the how the men thrive on morality,creativity,spontaneity and problem solving with confidence and respecting of others, long, long before there needs of food. clothing and shelter are met. 
I could tell you excerpts but that was not what this blog was to be about.  I will tell you that Wild keeps the spirits up and motivating saying that the ship will be there this week ( and he says it every week).  The spirit of the group is not damped...they give multiple reasons why the ship is not there yet...They kept there sipirits up one way....Dreaming...and it works...thru the cold, hurt, hunger, thrist and even loss of extremities...these men are thoughtful and resilient.
But...Orde-Lees says, "There is no good in decieving ourselves any longer"(215)
Guess we will have to see if the dream stays alive,

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  1. I will be JESUS' advocate on this one (since the devil has more than enough and probably has to make some budget cuts, it doesn't pay to be a pro bono Attorno). I respectfully disagree with you, and I could certainly be mistaken having read this some time ago and only slightly briefing earlier. To remain fair I will not return to the book. As I remember, being as weak as they were after touching down, eating and sleeping were among the main priorities/needs indulged in. They did the same thing on the island before they temporarily landed on. Maybe I'm wrong but I do believe The Pyramid stands for the Hierarchy of needs like a priority of need fulfillment. That would be subjectively and situationally dependent on a multitude of factors and competing drives and needs. Everything between Morality and Respecting, served as reinforcing instruments to the attainment other needs that were more distant at the time. A means to another end, not an end in itself. A person who endeavors in a multitude of activities to keep from dwelling on an anticipated day of great joy, controlling for the inevitable delayed subjective perception of time, is not unable to focus motivation on those things for the time being and neither does Maslow hold to that idea. More precisely, when that person determines to implement the timing strategy and begins to execute the action, in the person's mind, the immediate need is subconsciously "satisfied"(or in the process of satisfaction), temporarily. That is because the activity is now seen as a means to the goal, being that anticipated date. Each activity brings the person close to the goal, but while performing the goal, the brain is distracted from focusing on the unsatisfied because it is in the process of being satisfied, so the brain signals a sort of relief signal. Until the thermostat is checked again or the couriers return to the command center with the unmet need. Back to Maslow's strict design, despite how bad you want to continue singing and dancing for your fans on stage, if your water bill hasn't been paid by a certain time, you will need to change your outfit. And possibly your stage name as well. Also, all that building of dreams in time passing can build a steep hole to fall in if there is no good sign of support. They have lost all, once a certain amount of time passes by, having all the best equipment been taken and having done all that they could to stay strong even after eating their dogs and losing their Captain, I fear that the stupor of depression that would set in would be irreparable, leading to uncontrolled chaos and desperation. Do you think you could be moral and creative when you need of safety is threatened by blizzard and hungry ex-crew members on the hunt, for you. Longpork anyone?
    All jokes aside, they have had the best luck they've had in a while. Being on land fighting for survival is a lot more of a battle to be fought than the same battle in the open ocean. Possibly, in contrast to their prolonged circumstances and even growing somewhat accustomed to such conditions as a result of ceaseless exposure has brought their thermostat to the point of having a much higher tolerance, and being on land gives the men an easier feeling of hope. At least they have peace of mind knowing they won't wake up dead swimming disgracefully in the ocean.