Monday, November 26, 2012

Endurance # 5

At this point in the book, they have finally reached land! The crew is still facing some troubles such as exhaustion and frost bite, but the good news is that the island provides new sources of food for them (ex. penguins) and other foods (seal) in vast amounts. The men enjoy these happy outcomes until bad weather hits land. They lose the tents from the harsh winds (men had to convert to sleeping on the ground) and frost bite continues to be an issue. Shackleton makes the big decision in sending himself and 4 other men to South Georgia. The rest of the men stayed behind and worked together to find shelter and to survive while waiting for Shackleton's return. During his leave, Macklin has to have his toe cut off, and other crew members face physical pains as well. Although Shackleton's absence has taken much time ( 99 days), Macklin continues to believe he will come back. Other men begin to have their doubts. If I had a leader like Shackleton, I would believe and have faith in his return like Macklin does because he has proven to be an great leader and care taker so far in the novel. I am very excited to continue to read on and hope that the crew gets relief soon!


  1. Your post depicts the roller coaster of events so well. It seemed that every time the men had a moment of relief, another disappointment was not far behind. I can't imagine what it must have been like having to overcome so many difficult obstacles.

  2. I agree with you it did seem that every time that had that moment of relief something would happen.