Monday, November 26, 2012

Endurance # 4

In Section 4, the crew takes 3 boats (the Caird, Docker, and Wills) and leave Patience Camp in order to reach Elephant Island. We learn a lot about the boats, the harsh conditions in which the crew has to live with, and the motivation shown. Even though Orde- Lees wasn't a good explorer to begin with, I was still shocked by how cowardly and self centered he was during this section. However, I continue to be very impressed with Shackleton's leadership qualities and his motivation within himself and what he displays for the crew. Worsley also did a great job in this section as navigator and proved to have some leadership qualities. I was very excited for the crew when they first saw land! It was a sign of hope and must have been such a great feeling for the men, who have not seen land in almost a year. At the end of section 4, the men finally reach land! Their hard work and strive for survival has paid off and I'm curious to see where the rest of the journey goes.


  1. I agree with your feelings about Orde-Lees. I could not believe that he refused to share his oilskins with the men and help them row. Luckily, the men wanted to row to keep warm. I wonder how they would have treated him if he refused to do a job that no one else wanted to do either.

  2. I believe what you said about Shackleton is correct, I at some points lost hope in him as he begins to lose his ambition, however he kept his leadership qualities together, espeically at the end.