Saturday, November 17, 2012

post 5

The men have hit land, thank god! The sun is shining and the men are feasting.  Even with physical conditions, and they still manage to show excitement! Cutting off Macklins toes because of Gangrene was a detail in this chapter I was horrified from.  I imagined myself in their shoes, as I have throughout this book, and I could not handle it.  Doing the cutting or being the one cut I would never have made it through that.  Having to move again in this section was disappointing because they were hit with harsh conditions yet again. As well as their tents having blown away and getting no rest again.  

The fact that the men are STILL moving is inspirational.  The motivation is ridiculous because I would have been long left behind.  As for Wild continuing to remind these men that a ship will be there kept their spirits alive.  They figured that they had gone and made it as far as they have why give up hope now.  I believe that as much as a person might say positive things trying to convince yourself may only last for so long.  Shakleton did not let them down thus far so hopefully his rescue ship will get to the men sooner than later.


  1. I am so happy that the men finally got to land. They have been struggling for so long they can finally have a sense of relief. They can celebrate for coming this far on their journey. Even though things were rough, they still had a positive attitude. This is definitely a very inspirational group of men.

  2. It was that long time coming and hard earned miniature climax in the story that we knew must happen, hopefully believing as we read. Given the circumstances they have been dealt over the past year, they were in comparably better circumstances. No longer stalked endlessly by the day and night by death sea. They showed a great transition into the next stage and the stage of waiting, Patience camp II. I believe that people will never know what they are truly capable of until they or a loved one are placed before death's door. I feel as though all of us reading the book would have survived this far as well if we were in place of one of the men. You never know until you try, and doubting your untapped potential divides you against yourself, dooming and defeating yourself before the first step. All things begin in the mind.

  3. I agree with you when you said the men still continuing with their journey and expedition is inspiring. It almost inspires me to try to attempt to do something I believe is impossible because in my opinion, what they are doing is something I never would have imagined, even when beginning to read this novel.