Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Self Control

 Self-control is essential for managing a variety of facets of our life in today's fast-paced, busy society. It enables us to avoid the temptation to engage in undesirable behaviors like procrastinating or overindulging in junk food. We can make more thoughtful decisions that are in line with our long-term physical and mental wellbeing by practicing self-control. Self-control can be developed in daily life through a variety of tactics and routines. Self-control can be improved by the use of defined goals, routines, breaking things down into manageable steps, and social support. 

Additionally, by refilling our mental and physical energy stores, self-care practices, stress management, and emotional wellness activities can help us have better self-control.  We may improve our decision-making, cultivate healthier relationships, increase productivity, and promote personal growth by thinking about self-control and incorporating it into our daily life. It enables us to make deliberate decisions that are consistent with our values and long-term goals. When practiced, the valuable talent of self-control can considerably increase our level of contentment and general pleasure.


  1. I agree how it is essential for managing different aspects of our lives especially in today's fast past generation! We can definitely handle our self control when we start to establish different routines and I agree how ti can improve our decision making as well! You did a great job with this post and made excellent points by explaining the good habits to imporve self control

  2. Hi Brittany. I agree that self control is an important factor in navigating our everyday lives. Having self control is super important, however a lot of time people do lack self control in certain situations or have little of it, which can cause problems. The good thing is that self control can be worked on, and we can always improve and get better at it. I know that I sometimes have problems with self control when it comes to spending, so I have to take a step back and as myself, "Do I really need that, or just want the feeling of instant gratification?" Sometimes if we take a step back and breathe for a second, it may help us steer away from the bad decision.