Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Self Control (post 1)

     Self-control is something that we start learning from an early age, and sometimes it can be quite difficult. We need to use our self-control in our every day lives all of the time. I personally believe that self-control is extremely important to have, in order to truly succeed in life. In our slides, it states that Howard Rachlin talks about people struggling with self control because they have difficulty delaying immediate gratification for a better future. This makes sense because people tend to want things in the moment, instead of thinking about how it could affect them later on. The example that was given talks about how an alcoholic may want that drink in the moment, but later on, it only hurts them and does not make them feel good anymore.

    Something that has made it really difficult for the younger generations to control themselves with is social media. Tiktok is a huge social media app that can highly influence people to do random things. Tiktok has now come out with the tiktok shop. This means that random influencers can test out products, post a video, and link the product in that video. This makes it so easy for people to just randomly buy stuff, even if they do not actually need it, all because their favorite influencer said to get it. Social media can influence people to do or buy all sorts of different things, without even realizing, so it is really important to have self-control.  

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  1. TikTok has had such a downfall and it is negatively impacting both younger and older generations. Most of these "influencers" do not deserve that title because they are brainwashing so many young viewers. Social media has always been more on the negative side, but I believe TikTok has taken this to its all-time high. It really does affect the way people have self-control because people can scroll for hours and do nothing else and buy useless products that only benefit the "influencer" because they get money from it. Sometimes I think that social media is actually slowing us down in life, not helping us.