Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Discussion Post #2: Food

             For my second blog post, I have chosen to talk about none other than food. We all love food and you simply can not deny it. Food provides us with energy and life in order to function day to day, but why is it that we love food so much? And why do we like and dislike certain foods more than others? The desire for food starts when you are inside your mother's belly or even during the breastfeeding period. From the slides, we learn that preferences, while they do change, are both learned and innate. The psychology behind this is absolutely phenomenal. The more you eat specific foods, the more likely you are to eat those foods again. As a child, if you eat the same things all the time you are less likely to enjoy trying out new foods. It is important to try all kinds of food to broaden your taste pallet as well as to have various healthy options.

            One crazy aspect that the mind so greatly influences us, is the idea of having such a bad experience with a food that you will never eat it again. Typically if a person is at a restaurant and eats something that has hair in it or something that makes them very very sick, they will no longer ever eat that. I can confess that I have been like but to a point. Certain seafood I won't eat due to having a severe case of seafood poisoning, but other things I have moved on from and have eaten again. It is truly a huge game that your mind likes to play on you. Again food is a huge structure to our lives, so it is extremely important that we are putting nutritious food in our bodies.

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  1. I think that it was such an important thing that you stated how it is a huge game that our mind plays on us. Most people often forget how powerful their brain really is, so they don't think about how that can be what is affecting them negatively. I have heard so many times that your mind and your stomach work hand-in-hand with each other and that seems to be especially true when you refuse to eat a certain food because of a bad experience.