Saturday, July 8, 2023

Addiction Post 1

 A person's daily life is significantly and profoundly impacted by addiction. It intrudes into their objectives and focus, invading their thoughts, feelings, and actions. A negative influence may be felt on relationships with others, performance in school or the workplace, and financial stability. Addiction typically causes a decline in physical and mental health as a result of the person's fixation with obtaining and using the addictive drug or engaging in addictive activities. The individual neglects routine responsibilities and activities in favor of sating urges and preventing withdrawal symptoms. All parts of an individual's life are affected by addiction, which slowly erodes that person's welfare and starts a cycle that can be very challenging to break.

    Many individuals battle addiction. Whether it be caffeine, alcohol, narcotics, or even something that is legal, addiction is the inability to stop consuming a substance. It entails feeling hooked to something and unable to let go of it. It's incredibly dangerous to have a drug or alcohol addiction because if a user overdoses, they might not live and die. People should stop using as soon as they become aware that they are reliant on a substance that is really damaging them since addiction shouldn't be taken lightly. Since people have died and endured suffering, and because society has advanced to the point where people should be able to think for themselves, addiction only serves to bring people down.


  1. You are so right, many people battle addictions in all different ways. Whenever someone feels the need to take something everyday is when they should stop right away. People bodies could be different on how they can handle certain drugs but once they are addicted it is hard for them to become sober.

  2. I appreciate the way you explain addiction. It is truly such a dangerous impact on a person's life and not even just the person but also people around them, whether it be loved ones or people you work with.

  3. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for explaining addiction the way that you did. Addiction is very serious in today's society and is becoming increasingly problematic. It is true that addiction doesn't just affect the person that is addicted. It affects their family, friends, work environment, etc. It is a very scary circumstance which is people need to be aware of addiction and the outcome and consequences of it.