Monday, July 24, 2023

Discussion 3: Drugs

                                                                                 Jordyn Neff

                                                                                 Discussion 3


It is so interesting to me that caffeine is technically a drug. I was unaware that caffeine could be classified as a drug. In the slides, it says that caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant. I knew that caffeine had an effect on the mind and body, but I didn't know why. This makes me wonder if this is the reason that people feel like they need caffeine and when they don't have it they go through caffeine withdrawal. It is also known that there can be a tolerance to caffeine and then you need more and more each time to have an effect. After viewing these slides I understand that the reason the body builds up a tolerance and goes through withdrawal is because caffeine is a drug. These slides helped me to recognize the serious effects that caffeine can have on the body. 

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  1. Hi Jordyn, I also found this extremely interesting! I never heard of caffeine withdrawal but that's an interesting point you bring up. I know of people that need a couple cups of coffee in the morning as opposed to the single cup I drink and this could be why. Great post!