Thursday, July 13, 2023

Food preference (Post #2)

 Food preference is actually something that I find highly interesting. There are so many different facts and situations that go into why people like certain foods. This can have anything to do with culture and religion, but can also have to do with what our moms ate when they were pregnant with us. The example that our slides gives says that a mother drinks carrot juice when pregnant or nursing. The infant then experiences a carrot flavor, this leads to the baby wanting a carrot flavored cereal over something else. Another thing our slides talk about is the fat preference. Many people prefer the unhealthy fatty foods compared to the healthy foods. 

    Our food preference is something that can change throughout our lives. For me personally, when I was younger I preferred sweet food over salty. Now, I barely eat sweet foods and only ever want salty. Our food preference can also be attached to memory. For example, when my grandma was in the hospital, she always gave me this certain type of chocolate. Now that chocolate is my favorite because it reminds me of her when I eat it. There are also things that cause us to eat more. For example, when we are stressed. For me personally when I get super stressed out I can not eat but I have heard of so many people saying they can not stop eating when they are stressed. Comedy and horror films can also make us eat more which I found interesting. 

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