Monday, July 10, 2023

Discussion 1-Stress Eating

     I found the information about stress eating to be very prevalent to me.  I find that I am definitely a stress eater.  I always find myself craving fatty foods during stressful times.  In the information about eating, I read that humans tend to prefer fatty foods, like ice cream and chocolate.  This explains why in many TV shows and movies, you see the characters eating ice cream after a stressful break up.  I have tried to combat these cravings for fatty foods during this time but always find myself giving in.  I always knew how much stress can impact appetite but reading and seeing that it happens to a lot of people, I feel like I am beginning to understand it more. 

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  1. Hi Deanna! I can definitely relate to stress eating. Food is my comfort when I go through a tough time, and it is almost always chips that get me. It must be the saltiness that was talked about in the slides.