Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Grit Book Report

     Grit by Angela Duckworth is a book that has been recommended to me by a few of my doctors when I was admitted into the hospital.  I never read it but I took seeing it on the list of books as a sign and decided to read it.  it was one of the most motivating books I have read.  The main thing that I took away is that having grit is an important thing in life.  It doesn't depend solely on talent but takes into factor your determination and effort you put into things.  I highlighted multiple quotes in this book and I think this one sums up what grit is.  In chapter 1, the book states "It was this combination of passion and perseverance that made high achievers special."  This showed to me that to succeed in life, you need to get through had things and have a strong passion for what you want to do.  Angela Duckworth does a great job of showing examples of grit through the eyes on West Point cadets and even a NFL coach.  

    Many things in this book were my favorite.  A theme in my life has been perseverance.  I have multiple medical problems that have delayed me from getting my degree in the time I planned.  In my plans, I would have had my degree 3 years ago.  Instead, I will be receiving it in the spring. My doctors have pointed out that me even being in school with my health issues is an accomplishment in itself.  I have spent most of my degree from a hospital bed.  I have always stayed motivated because there are things in this world that I want to change.  Whenever I get knocked down, I get back up and continue.  I don't look at my challenges as a bad thing.  Everybody has something hard to deal with in life.  It might be family problems.  It might be financial issues.  It might even be a disease that nobody can figure out.  You have to keep pushing because the other side of this challenge might inspire somebody that is in your position to do the same thing.  Chapter 12 shows what the culture of grit is like.  I really like the quote "Failures are going to happen, and how you deal with them may be the most important thing in whether you succeed."  Life isn't going to be easy and you are going to fail at things.  How you deal with the failures will show your character and determination.  With this idea, I think that I may be different because I am extrinsically motivated.  I don't want to get through my challenges because I want to do it for myself.  I want to get through them so I can help others.  

    When I took the Grit scale in this book, I expected that I would have a higher number than other people my age.  On a scale on 0 to 5, I got a 4.4.  This surprised me.  I account this to the things I have had to face.  A few of the questions on the scale stood out to me.  Number 2 says "Setbacks don't discourage me.  I don't give up easily."  I got a 5 for that.  Number 6 says "I finish whatever I begin".  I answered 5.  I attribute this to my teachings when I was in the 4-H tae kwon do club.  Part of the pledge is "Always finish what you start".  That was always told to me by my parents not letting me quit when things get hard and me wanting the satisfaction of finishing things.  Number 10 says "I have overcome setbacks to conquer and important challenge."  This really stood out and I got a 5.  I think anybody who knows me and knows what I have been through would give me a 5 on this.  

  This is a definition that I think really sums up what grit is. 

This is a quote that I always tell myself in the hard times in my life and it motivates me to keep going. 

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  1. Hi Deanna! I really enjoyed reading your post and learning a little bit about you. I too read this book and found it to be so powerful. I wish you so much luck in your future endeavors, your going to be so successful!