Saturday, July 29, 2023

Reinforcers vs Punishers

 According to the lecture slides, a reinforcer increases the frequency of a behavior and a punisher decreases the frequency of a behavior. I use reinforcers and punishers a lot in my own life. For example, when I'm substitute teaching I may reward my class with going outside for a period of class time if they successfully complete their work. If they don't listen to me, I threaten that I'll write a note to their teacher which means they'll be punished. Punishers and reinforcers remind me a lot of extrinsic motivation since individuals are motivated by punishment/rewards with extrinsic motivation. 


  1. I defineltey use reinforcers and punishers in my own life as well because it comes in handy at my job. You did a great job at giving an example related to your real world applications going on in your life! I agree how individuals are motivated by punishment and rewards with specified motivation. Great job on this post!

  2. Reinforcers and punishers are all around us. Work, school, with people in our daily lives. I use it when babysitting, and taking care of my younger family members. The if you....I will/won't comes in handy often.