Monday, July 24, 2023

Disscusion 1: Rewards- Jordyn Neff

                                                                                  Discussion 1 
                                                                                  Jordyn Neff

After going through the slideshow about rewards I began to think of how this is demonstrated in everyday life. When we set goals, we often give ourselves small rewards throughout the process of reaching that goal to keep us going. For example, people on a weight loss journey may reward themselves with something for every 10 pounds lost to keep motivating themselves to reach their goal. the ultimate goal should be enough motivation to keep going but we often need small reinforcers throughout to motivate us completely. Reinforcers can be either positive or negative and they vary from person to person. In order to understand what we could use for reinforcers you must first take a look at what you're trying to achieve and for who. If someone is trying to lose weight a reinforcer should not be a box of tasty cakes, it should be a new outfit or a trip somewhere. It is very important to consider different things before deciding on reinforcers.  

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