Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Discussion 3- Intrinsic Motivation

     I found the idea of intrinsic motivation to be interesting and to apply to me as opposed to being extrinsically motivated.  Extrinsic motivation is when you are motivated by outside forces.  I find that this does apply to me because I do want to make others happy and to approve of what I do in my life but I do have inner motivations for my career choice and goals I set for myself.  I am into true crime stories and fascinated by them.  Mainly, school and mass shootings.  I want to work on these cases so I can find a way to make this world safer for children in schools.  I don't want to do it for the money.  I want to do it to get the warm feeling and knowledge that I changed the world.  In this way, I definitely consider myself to be intrinsically motivated as opposed to extrinsically.  

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  1. Hi Deanna. I also have inner motivations for my career choice and consider myself to be intrinsically motivated. I want to be a school counselor and help others - I'm not motivated by the salary. Looks like we're both in the same boat!