Monday, July 17, 2023

Discussion 2: Impulsivity and Self-Control

 Self-control is an important factor that most people learn from a very early age. There are two sides to having self-control, they can be either negative or positive. Those who fall on the negative side tend to have little to no self-control and they end up harming their physical and/or mental health. The positive side is when someone understands the possible consequences of their action so they play things safe. I believe that self-control is something that everyone should practice and understand to be successful in life. In today's world, it appears that the Internet and other factors play a role in self-control. Young kids nowadays have plenty of access to social media and are getting persuaded and pressured into trying new things, whether they are good or bad. Self-control is necessary for these circumstances because it is greatly influenced by the choice of immediate reward over delayed gratification. I believe that everyone should practice some way of mental and physical rehabilitation to lower stress, upgrade self-care, and perfect self-control. These can be ways to control impulsivity in our lives and increase our sense of awareness and pleasure in life.

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