Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Addiction (post 2)

 Addiction has a profound and far-reaching impact on someone's everyday life. It infiltrates their thoughts, emotions, and actions, consuming their focus and priorities. It can disrupt personal relationships, work or school performance, and financial stability. Addiction often leads to a decline in physical and mental health, as the individual becomes preoccupied with obtaining and using the addictive substance or engaging in addictive behaviors. Everyday activities and responsibilities take a backseat as the person's life becomes centered around satisfying their cravings and avoiding withdrawal symptoms. The consequences of addiction ripple through all aspects of a person's life, gradually eroding their well-being and creating a cycle that can be incredibly challenging to break.

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  1. Hi Brittany! This is a serious topic, and I have seen how it can affect someone first hand. I have watched addiction take over my friends life. She stopped wanting to hangout with everyone, and her whole mood changed completely. When you said that activities and responsibilities take a backseat, that is so accurate.