Saturday, July 8, 2023

Self Control (Post 2)

 I've discovered that having self control is one of the most important things we can do to succeed in life. Self-control teaches us patience, and the results are frequently favorable. I saw a video of kids getting marshmallows while watching the talks. The kids were informed that they would receive a second marshmallow as a prize if they waited and did not eat the first one. This video demonstrates how exercising self restraint frequently pays off. A second marshmallow was given to the kids who exercised self-control and refrained from eating the marshmallow. The amount of time we spend on our phones or on social media is another illustration of self control. Although we don't constantly consider or even realize it in our daily lives, self control is a crucial component of many of the activities we perform. Your health, work, and relationships are just a few examples of the things that self control can affect. For instance, a person needs self control if they want to reduce weight and get in better shape. Positive self control is when someone forces themselves to exercise even though they don't want to since they are weary a few of days in a row. 

Self-control is greatly influenced by the choice of immediate reward over delayed gratification. According to Howard Rachlin, a lot of people's troubles in life are caused by their inability to put off present gratification in favor of future rewards. Howarch Rachlin's main illustration was alcohol. A person who chooses to drink may experience short-term satisfaction, but they will feel worse when they wake up. Another example of this is someone who puts off doing their schoolwork out of pleasure but then crams it all in during brief bursts of time, producing subpar work. The "primrose path" is the name given to this series of events, which is characterized as a "low-valued pattern of acts." Unhealthy habits and persistently destructive practices unfortunately develop in this way. When someone repeatedly chooses fast food over healthy food, they get into a repetitious behavior, and the long-term reward is an unhealthy, overweight person. If someone repeatedly chooses alcohol to feel rapid gratification, they may eventually develop alcoholism.

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  1. i liked how you said how people cram schoolwork in. I believe self control plays a huge role in academic success and can significantly impact a students ability to manage school work effectively.