Saturday, July 29, 2023

Discussion Post #1: Food


         For my first post, I have decided to talk about food. A lot of people have different preferences for the type of food that they like. Depending on the person, they can either enjoy sweet, spicy, or salty foods. However, food preferences can also change over time. This can be due to factors such as the mere exposure effect. From the google slides, I learned the mere exposure effect is eating a certain food repeatedly which causes a person to like the food eventually. 


         It was also interesting to read about taste aversion from the google slides. People experience food aversion after getting food poisoning from eating a specific food. This leads to them not wanting to eat that particular food for a while. I have experienced the same thing after getting food poisoning from eating sushi. When someone experiences the taste again of a food that led to food poisoning, he/she can show signs of nausea and will show expressions of disliking the food (Chambers, 2018).


         To overcome taste aversion, the best thing to do is to slowly start to eat the food that you dislike. Overcoming taste aversion expands the topic of taste aversion which was introduced in the google slides. The mere exposure effect is a great way to overcome food aversion. The more you eat a specific food, it results in an increased liking for it. 




Chambers, K. C. (2018, May 5). Conditioned taste aversions. National Library of Medicine . 

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  1. I agree how food preferences can change over time. The google slides defineltey had a lot of information about taste aversion and how people experience food aversion after getting food poisoning. That is what happened to me when I had the stomach bug from a sandwich from a certain place and I have not gotten it since! You did a great job explaining taste aversion and discussing about food!