Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Discussion Post #1: Addiction & Self Control

           For my first post have decided to talk about both addiction and self-control, because in a sense they go hand in hand. Self-control allows a person to learn patience and regulation as a physical response in order to avoid irrational behaviors. It is merely the ability to prevent and control impulsive choices. Self-control can refer to anything, even if it’s something as simple as how late you stay up, how much time you spend on your phone, or even how many cookies you have for dessert. Self-control is a very powerful tool that allows a person to have a better relationship with not only themselves but everything around them.

            Addiction then falls in the category of self-control, when that person lacks to ability to have control over the matter. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, shopping, procrastination, etc are all things that can be used in moderation with self-control but when there is a lack of control it then becomes an addiction. Addictions are invasive of a person's life, infiltrating their well-being. If too far out of control addictions weigh down a person's life affecting their health, relationships, work, school, gym, etc. and before that person knows it, what could have been fixed with just a little self-control has now eroded their entire life.

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