Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Endurance Was a Horrible Ship to Stow Away On

While reading the book Endurance I couldn't help but feel bad for the one man in the crew that truly did not know what he was getting himself into. Perce Blackborow was simply a stowaway on the ship and pretty much imprisoned himself in a horrible situation. The reason he was brought on-board is that one of his friends, William Lincoln Bakewell convinced him to because he feared that the Endurance would not have enough men to operate the ship. The two had previously worked together on a ship called the Golden Gate. I wonder if Blackborow ever regrets listening to Bakewell especially when he was one of the crew members who suffered the most loss. His gangrene caused him to lose his foot and suffering for months in the Antarctic sounds like a hellish experience. His fellow crew members however reported that he was always cheery and helpful which is incredible in the situation he was in. Maybe he felt that since he got himself into this mess he had no right to complain.

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