Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I recently got married to the love of my life about two months ago and already our families are asking the typical question, “When are you planning on having kids”.  After long talks with my husband, we both agreed to wait on this part in our lives because we have tasks that need to be accomplished first.  For example, my biggest goal right now is to finish my degree before thinking about having kids.  However, it is extremely tempting to start a family now while I’m young.  Temptation is defined as a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.  By starting a family today with working on my degree and working full time, it would not allow me to keep the motivation of finishing school.  I would be too focused on raising my family instead of building a strong foundation that I could have one day.  I contemplate whether I should wait to start a family but then I remind myself that it would be unwise of me to start something without finishing the mountain I’m climbing right now.
Temptation can have a strong pull on someone’s life if they do not have the willpower to keep pushing forward and making smart decisions.  Willpower is the ability to control yourself and have strong determination that allows you to do something difficult.  Many people struggle with having the willpower to quit something they enjoy, like smoking, or keeping the right mind set through times where you want to give up, like finishing your degree.  Thankfully, I have the willpower to keep pushing forward with school while working full-time with a stressful job.  I motivate myself to get to my degree knowing the outcomes will be just the start of achieving my dreams.  Finally, when it is all said and done, I can turn my temptation with having kids into a wise decision and start a family at the right time. 

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