Monday, August 8, 2016

Food in Life

As I read through the lecture slides regarding food I began to think about my own experiences with food. The slides mentioned innate food preferences and a higher preference to food we've had more exposure to. When I was very young my grandmother introduced me to sweets, sooner than my parents would have liked. This, in part with an innate preference for sweets, may be part of the explanation for my love for ice cream and other various sweets.

The lecture slides also mentioned the amount of food in relation to how much a person will eat. When there is more food around people are likely to eat more than they normally would. I have immediate experience with this considering I've been to 2 parties this past week. At both parties there was plenty of delicious food around and I was unable to resist eating and eating. Parties are good ways to destroy a diet to anyone who doesn't have a strong will to resist.

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  1. Good post! I agree with you about parties. I find myself constantly eating at parties when there is a whole room full of food. Many times if the party is at noon and has lots of food, I will eat when I first get there and eat again before I leave the party. This way I don't have to cook my own food after I leave and I can enjoy the delicious party food one last time.