Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Target Spies on Customers

    After taking tons of business courses and working for a restaurant business; they don't directly tell you spying on customers is a big part of the business marketing spectrum. This is something, that should paid closely attention to, considering all the online shopping that goes on. Just six months ago, I realized after searching, purchasing, or having something in my cart for any period of time, those same items would pop up on unrelated other websites. That is creepy, but genius in the marketing world. It's like the store is reminding you to complete your purchase, whether you want or not.
    This explains how Target will have every customer obtain a "guest id#," to keep track of their customers spending habits. After analyzing all of their purchases from store to online, they decide what you like to buy, and when you like to buy it. Target is not the only business whose guilty of it; if you think about it every store that offers coupons, always sends them after you've already just purchased the item.
     Switching my shopping habits around, has allowed my budget for most necessities to stay in tack. For example, grocery shopping online is the best, because it allows you to only buy what you need only. Some think they will miss something if they shop online, but everything you can purchase in the store is online, which prevents business from setting you up to buy more.