Tuesday, August 9, 2016


After reading through the “Rewards” lectures, I thought about many aspects of my life and the lives’ of others.  During the lectures, it mentioned that rewards are almost like reinforces.  It increases the likelihood of a behavior.  Currently, my best friend is potty training her daughter (my God-daughter).  She has talked about the stories she has heard and how tough it can be.  So her and I came up with something we saw that may be used a positive reinforcement for Eden to actually be able to use the bathroom.  My best friend has set up a huge calendar in the kitchen, and every time Eden uses the bathroom properly, she receives a gold star.  Eden absolutely loved this idea, and has been making strides in the potty training world.  The only downfall is that Eden is going to the bathroom a million times a day to see how many gold stars she can get!  Positive reinforcement can only be used and work for so long until the individual gets tired of it or outsmarts it. 

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  1. My friend did something similar to this with her stepson, I forget the specifics of what exactly the reward he got was but the jist of her method was she decorated aa jar and everytime he was good or listened to them etc he got to put a fuzzy in the jar. For little kids it definitely works rewarding them in order to teach them important things.