Sunday, August 7, 2016

Food Preferance

When reading the lecture slides about food that focused on avoidance of certain foods and innate preferences I could not help but think of my girlfriend's weird eating habits. My girlfriend refuses to eat any red meats such as beef or pork even when they are served differently. She sees no distinction between a steak or a hot dog and will refuse to eat either. When I ask her why she dislikes them so much she just states that she doesn't like red meat. However, she does eat bacon which comes from pork so this does not make much sense. I later talked to her about it and it turns out she simply did not eat that much red meat when she was growing up except for bacon. Her family did not eat steak or hamburgers and that lack of exposure caused her to dislike those foods for the rest of her life. Even now when I try to get her to try a hamburger she will either refuse or dislike the taste.

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  1. I was a similar way growing up but slightly opposite. I grew up in a family of hunters and fisherman and was always open to try whatever meat was thrown on my plate because it was something I developed an innate preference for. However, I avoided vegetables for years and never wanted to touch them or even see them on my plate. I hated salads and wouldn't touch them until I was in my late teens, I slowly got accustomed to vegetables and will eat almost any veggie now. My family did a decent job exposing me to a variety of foods and I couldn't stay a carnivore forever. I find that is more of consistency thing that triggers my avoidance of certain foods and there is still a fair number of fruits that I refuse to eat merely because I dislike the consistency. I went from a picky carnivore into being a relatively open omnivore. The only foods I choose to avoid are those with consistencies I am not fond of.