Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Caffeine Addicts

Reading the lecture slides that focused on drug use was one of the most interesting ones of the course for me because I find studying addiction to be very interesting. I always find it funny when people realize that coffee is in fact a drug. To be more precise the caffeine in it is a drug. The lecture slides stated that caffeine is the most used psychoactive drug in the world and that is not at all a surprising fact. Every day I see people drinking coffee just to wake up in the morning. I even have a friend who was so addicted to caffeine that she began taking caffeine pills to not go through withdrawal. I even had to talk to her about it and she agreed she seriously needed to cut back. It gets scary when such a commonplace thing becomes a problem for someone .I suppose this is how people viewed smoking before it was publicized that they cause a flurry of health concerns. I wonder if in the future caffeine will also be viewed as a terrible health hazard that everyone should avoid. If that is the case it's hard to imagine a world where decaf is the new standard.


  1. I never heard of caffeine pills but I am glad you talked to your friend about her addiction. Caffeine is the most used psychoactive stimulant in America. Many of us bring caffeine to work or bring it to class. Caffeine helps us stay alert and clear headed during the day. I can't imagine what we would survive off of if soda and coffee weren't invented.

  2. Everything in moderation, coffee does also have health benefits but when people cannot physically go without it then that would be an addiction to it. I drink about two cups of coffee daily and a few months ago I decided to try it out and not drink any coffee and only drink green tea through out the day. Although green tea does have caffeine in it as well it just isn't the same effect as coffee because I had a horrible headache that persisted and wouldn't go away, even with taking advil, so after I learned that wouldn't even work I did not take more and just realized this was something I was just going to have to ride out. I did this for three days, I can say I am not addicted because at that first sign of withdrawal I did not go running for that cup of coffee. I eventually went back to drinking coffee just due to the mere fact that I actually enjoy it more in the morning than tea in the morning. Growing up I hated coffee and only drank tea, its weird how our bodies change over time.