Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Own Motivation

After reading through the lecture slides in this course I've realized most of my motivation is put towards 1 or 2 things (health and fitness). To be honest, those two things are what are most important to me at this time in my life. They are my priority but when I think about it, there are other aspects of life that I should put as a priority and focus my motivation on. Now that I have finished my last course of college and will be receiving my degree shortly I need to focus on my future and where to go from here. Time to jump into the real world and get my life started. My motivation needs to be shifted to the Air Force and how I can best prepare myself for this new endeavor.

I realize my posts have been focused on myself, where I am in life and how to improve, but that is what this class has done for me. It has made me realize where I am, how I'm handling what is currently in front of me, and what I need to do to prepare for my future.


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