Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dog pemmican

    What is dog pemmican?
British polar expeditions fed a type of pemmican to their dogs as "sledging rations". Called "Bovril pemmican" or simply "dog pemmican", it was a beef product consisting of 2/3 protein and 1/3 fat, without carbohydrate.
    Throughout the whole book of Endurance, I had no idea what dog pemmican was, and they never gave a specific description of it. I have never owned a dog before, and never planned on, so I honestly could not understand why they would add that to what they ate. Knowing the exact definition now, I can see how humans would entertain the idea of using it to stretch food.  
    Starvation and unknown weather were some of the greatest challenges of the men on this journey. Some will never understand, what it's like to have minimal food choices. I honestly take my hats to these men who survived off of seal meat and dog pemmican; it could not have me. 


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