Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alcohol Addiction

After reading through the “Drugs” lecture slides, it hit a soft spot.  One of the psychoactive drugs that were discussed throughout the lecture was alcohol.  Growing up, I was always surrounded by alcohol and never thought anything of it.  My older sisters would have parties at the house.  My mom would drink with almost every meal.  It was just part of our routine.  There were horrible reckless nights in my household were people became abusive, or things got broken.  Then one night, things got awful, really quick.  It was that next day that my mom made the first step in going to Alcoholics Anonymous. I think there was almost a switch that went off in her head that made her realize that she would lose her family if something did not change.  She was in denial for most of my life about her drinking.  She felt that because she did not drink every single day, that she didn’t have a problem.  However, when she did pick up a drink, she could not stop at just one.  She is now four years sober, and every single day is a constant battle for her.  She is filled with pride and happy with the woman she has become over the years.  I could not be more proud to see someone so close overcome and fight an addiction.  

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