Monday, August 8, 2016

I Used to be a Victim of Mate Poaching

I found the topic of "Mate Poaching" to be the most intriguing to me because I was easily able to relate to being the victim of it for many years I just never knew what to call it. There is always a universal code between boys and girls where 1. You don't pursue a friend's current significant other. 2. You don't date an ex of a friend. 3. You and your friends don't pursue the same people. These are all pretty decent codes I believe can help maintain a friendship so long as they remain unbroken. My first boyfriend was a freshman with me when we first started dating. Two months later he was mate poached by a senior girl who he is actually now married to. This happened maybe two more times to me in high school until I decided to stop dating until midway through my senior year of high school. But it started up again soon after I went to college, I wasn't able to make a girl friend because after I would start talking to a guy and dating, by my dumb luck, I would be single a month later and the girl who I thought would be a new friend would be seeing the guy I told them I had a thing with. It didn't bother me so much in high school but when it continued to happen in college it was really just a kick in the teeth and a put an unbelievably huge damper on my self esteem for a couple years and damaged my trust in a lot of people. Luckily now I've finally met someone who I've been with for a while and see an actual future with. To me children seem to like their eggs poached or scrambled more than adults, but only a real man can handle taking an egg raw.


  1. Rhiannon,

    Truthfully, this post really hit home for me. I went through very similar experiences throughout high school and the beginning of college. It felt like an uphill battle that I simply was not going to win. For me, I had to make some changes. I had to take time to find myself and see who I really was. Thankfully, after being truly happy with myself; love came along and swept me off my feet. Thank you for sharing!

    - Taylor Binet

  2. I think that this is unfortunately a part of life and when it comes to dating everyone experiences it in one shape or form. I know I did in high school and after as well. I don't think that this will ever go away.