Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Addiction / Willpower

I use to smoke cigarettes and for many years I tried to quit but I couldn’t. I started smoking in high school because a group of my friends were doing it. I never thought that I would become addicted to them. I would crave for them and since I wasn’t old enough to buy them, my friends and I would steal them from stores. After high school I continued to smoke. It was when I got married and became pregnant when I finally quit. Finding out I was pregnant gave me the willpower to quit. It has now been 17 years since my last cigarette and now when I smell someone smoking I still get the craving for one.      


  1. After going over the addiction slides, It is always a topic that hits close to home for many. I grew up in a small town called New Egypt and unfortunately it is filled with heroin and opiate pills. For whatever reason it is what the kids of this day and age prefer. I have many close friends growing up who have been taken over by this addiction and one in specific person is my cousin. He started messing around mid way through high school and then it became a full blown addiction like we see with many kids who start out just by "trying" drugs. He wound up dropping out of high school and stole everything valuable or sentimental that my aunt owned and pawned it for money for drugs. After many failed attempts of us trying to help him and my aunt going through a constant war with him she had no choice but to make him leave the house and live elsewhere. He'd stay with other addicts and also for a few years was homeless not caring where he slept or anything. All that mattered is how and when he was getting high. This broke our hearts but the fact is until that person hits their "rock bottom" and sometimes having no family left and homeless isn't even enough and sad to say many brushes with death from overdosing but they have to be ready to make the change and want to do it for themselves. It will never work when it is outsiders wanting it more than that person wanting it. I honestly still to this day have no idea what finally made him want to be clean and actually stay clean pushing through all of the temptations and finally have the willpower to live a sober life but it has been about two years now I believe. This was something my family has been waiting for but was just unsure if it was ever going to happen. I feel for those who struggle with addiction I was never in their shoes and it is hard for me to wrap my head around it all but it definitely breaks my heart that most do not have the willpower to change.