Saturday, August 6, 2016

Survival Extremes

While reading Endurance it was easy to forget that this was a true story. Getting so wrapped up in the hardships the men faced that it slipped my mind that real people had to endure this journey. How appropriate then for the book to be titled Endurance. The group of almost thirty men lead by Shackleton embarked on this journey mostly for the thrill of adventure. Some of the men were young and not physically or mentally equipped for such hardships, Ordes-Lee being one of the biggest offenders with his slacking off on rowing. Once faced with the issue of life or death these men had been handed the biggest motivator. If they didn't keep moving they could die, if they didn't eat the dogs or the blubber. There's not many people that can say that they could chew on the raw meat of a seal to quench thirst with its blood but those men had little choice. Tales like this are so fascinating because you get to see what humans are capable of. Meaning most people don't have to fight to survive for the most part basic needs are met but when those needs aren't met the Id that Freud discussed leaks out. When the threat of death overpowers the superego the Id's needs and desires can take over and suddenly taking a life for survival becomes less of a problem. People like to think of humans as superior than other other animals but the beast inside just lies dormant.


  1. Kayla,
    I really enjoyed your post! I felt very similar to how you felt about the book. It was a very good read and extremely motivating. Survival instincts have to kick in when there is no other option. I have been in the military for close to five years now, and I still remember going through basic training. We had to eat these MRE's (meals ready to eat). They came in these brown bags and we cooked them on our own using water. Thinking back it was one of the worst meals I've ever had but it's what kept us nourished during our time. Thanks for sharing!

    - Taylor Binet

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