Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Self Commitment

   Self commitment- development of valuable patterns of behavior that bridge over individual temptations.
    Over the past few years, I have, like most tried stay as healthy as I possibly can, considering my place of employment is in a restaurant full of tons of fattening food. My family owns a soul food restaurant in Atlantic City and we sell everything from bbq, fried chicken, mac & cheese, and delicious desserts. At a young age I have always had an interesting pallet, from the exposure of homemade food on a regular basis, I put on extra pounds that a normal teenager would not have. As I got older, exercise and eating healthier has been a goal of mine to be consistent with.
    In my life, being committed to a healthier lifestyle, involves changing your entire way of living. For example, it is extremely important to keep the refrigerator stocked at all times; with all things necessary to improve health. I have a developed a routine to stay on track; and that involves going to grocery, produce, and meat market every two weeks ritually. It makes no sense to get produce or meat from the grocery, so all three trips are beneficial to you and your pockets. A portion of my everyday meals consist of a salad, green and fruit juice, a few small snacks throughout the day and dinner, at least 5 days a week. This routine keeps me balanced, and allows me to have two cheat days; and it woks for me.
    However, with a full time job and the needing the beach on my days off, my commitment to my healthy lifestyle has dwindled. So instead of a salad everyday for the past two weeks, I have resorted to some unhealthy choices at my restaurant. If eaten in moderation, they will not have a huge effect on my lifestyle, but it's time to get back to the basics.

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  1. Its hard especially when you are crunched for time. Pre cooking meals in advance and having them readily accessible in the fridge is always helpful but I can see how it is hard to work full time at a restaurant and have time to bring a lunch you've precooked at home. You'll be back to the basics in no time and stick to the motivation you had before, cheat meals you could look at as rewarding yourself once in awhile for your hard work and dedication.