Thursday, September 29, 2011

Universal Motives (Food)

Food is one universal motive. Everyone desires and needs to eat no matter what country you live in. Food choices are different in different regions of the world. Certain food choices one culture may eat, would cause repulsion to another. Food choices that are made are primarily familiar foods. People don't venture too much out of their norm when it comes to food. They're afraid of the taste and possibly getting sick. Unappealing foods are avoided most of the time. When hunger strikes, then an individual's food choices may become opened to more options.

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  1. I can account for not being open to food choices. I pretty much stick to the American cuisine. After watching that video in class about the people in Cambodia who were eating rats it just turned my stomach. I guess if there is no food around then you will have to eat the rats. I would much rather starve to death!