Thursday, September 29, 2011


Motivation is the desire to do something. Motivation varies between each individual and each situation. The first thought that popped in my head when I pondered on what motivates me the most was my daughter. She is the reason why I do everything and anything. I'm in college to get a degree so that I will be able to support myself and my daughter. My daughter motivates me to go to class and work my hardest on my assignments. I want her to be proud of me and I want to be her motivation when she is older. Another motivation of mine when it comes to school is my family and my boyfriend's family. Our families were not too happy when they found out we were going to be parents. They all felt that our educations would be the first thing we both give up. Well my boyfriend and myself are proving them wrong because we are both enrolled in school. We can not wait until we have our degrees to show everyone that we might have had a child young but we still accomplished something. Before I make any decision I always have to think about my daughter and how my actions will affect her. My daughter is my motivation to change my lifestyle. I'm more concerned about living healthier now than I was before I was a mom. My daughter makes me want to change and be the best person I can be.

While my daughter is my greatest motivation there are times that I am not motivated when I want to be. My best friend and I joined a gym recently to get back into shape. Either one of us have a problem getting to the gym four or five days a week. Our problem occurs when we actually get to the gym and it becomes time to work out. While we try our best to motivate each other but we fail sometimes. The best motivation for us at the gym is having a mutual friend, who is also a physical trainer, work out with us. She teaches us new work outs and makes sure that we are doing them correctly. She stands above us counting our sets and encouraging us to do more. She definitely gives us the best motivation and work out. Sometimes you need a little help when it comes to being motivated.

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  1. I like your example of going to the gym and being motivated. I am a personal trainer, and sometimes getting there is the hardest part. Once you are there, and surrounded by others who are there for the same reason, it is easier to get motivated. Being a trainer, I need to get a GROUP of people motivated, and I do that by reminding them of their incentive for being there. Constantly reminding them how healthy exercise is for them, keeps everyone motivated for the entire class!