Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cognitive Dissonance

The motivation that occurs when confronted with two different cognitions allows us to be humbled. Ex. In the article the example was the person knows that he is intelligent but faces repeated failures. These two cognitions allows us to notice that we can be humbled by our own beliefs. These facts help me better understand that the world is not full of ego-fueled beings. We have the choice to see people differently; one as a success and another that would evaluate their success in comparison. I think I am making sense but I have another cognition that my literary skills are still at a 4th grade level. I can use big and intelligent words, but if I cant spell or put the words in a proper sentence, I still be an illiterate with a well developed vocabulary.  All in all I have no idea what I am saying but hopefully I will motivate myself to become a better writer.  - P.B

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