Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cognitive Dissonance

In reading the article, i tried to understand and grasp the concept of Cognitive Dissonance but had trouble understanding. To the best of my ability this is what i got out of the article in reading it. Cognitive Dissonance is often strong when someone believe in something about thereselves and then do something against their belief, so if you believe that you are good and then do something bad then its the thought of the two opposing views of you being good and you doing bad. The arthur used an example in the article about a patient who believed that he was dead so went to see his psychaitrist. The psychiatrist told him people who are dead doesnt bleed. In the process of trying to prove to the patient he is very much alive the psychiatrist cut the patient and he bleed. The patients congitive dissonance was so strong he still believe that he was dead. He believe that he was dead so much that even when blood came out he still believe that he was dead.

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