Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Motivating Effect of Cognitive Dissonance

I personally found this article to be confusing and thought the that author kind of bounced around a bit with his ideas.

I did pick up on the meaning of cognitive dissonance, with me being a senior I have been through many psychology classes and have heard the term a lot but never really fully understood what it meant. While reading this article the part that made the meaning of cognitive dissonance was the example that was given, "a person might know that he is very intelligent, highly capable person. At the same time, let us imagine, he knows that he meets repeated failure. These two cognitions would be dissonant- they do not fit together.

Therefore, even though I found the article a bit confusing, I was able to pick up on cognitive dissonance, which I have heard in other classes but never fully understood. So, I walked away from this article with learning something.

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  1. I completely agree with your post because it sounds just like mine! I too thought the author bounced around and it was hard for me to stay focused and understand the reading. I am also a psychology major but never really heard the term cognitive dissonance before. I may have actually but it was never a major term that I covered. Although I feel like i walked away with the definition, I am still confused.