Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cognitive Dissonace

My thoughts after reading this article for the first time was interesting to say the least. The author, Leon Festinger, gave his definition of what cognitive dissonance was as well as its relationship with other things. He gives his readers a detailed explanation of what cognitive dissonance meant and what it refers to. He also gave some vivid examples of cognitive dissonance. For example, he states "if a person knows two things, something about himself and something about the world in which he lives which some how do not fit together" is what he termed cognitive dissonance.

The in class discussion opened my mind a little bit better in terms of fully comprehending the authors thoughts. The class gave some explicit details of cognitive dissonance. The fact that when our ideals doesn't match with life this is what brings about anxiety, fear, stress and frustrations. In order for dissonance to go away one must adjust his or her behavior. If not, than this could lead to all kinds of problems such as hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. I would certainly agree with my colleague that cognitive dissonance is nothing but pure reality.

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  1. I agree I believe that cognitive dissonance is pure reality. It is something we face almost everyday, but everyone deals with it in different ways. Some people can convince themselves to change their inconsistent ideas and some people can persuade themselves that it is okay to have mixed views.