Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Never Ending Addiction

This week, I decided to discuss the chapter we did on addiction. Addiction is something that I’m sure many people have some form of personal experience with; whether it be your parent, friend, sibling, self, relative, or even a friend of a friend. For me, it is my brother who is addicted to heroin. I, personally always wanted to know… What is the motivation behind continuously doing drugs?

Many people think that they can just try a drug, and for some, yes that is exactly what they can do. But for others, for most, that one time becomes much more than that. Something called priming, which is “a strong craving for a drug can be reinstated with a single dose of alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, or heroin” is what I believe makes addiction possible. It’s what makes people come crawling back. It’s what will make someone with a drug addiction have to wake up everyday and fight that fight. To everyday have to consciously choose not to do that drug - and most of the time fall short.

We live in a society that opiates are so easily obtained its pretty ridiculous, almost sad. When taking a little pill and washing it down with a sip of water, it doesn’t seem so bad, almost doesn’t seem like a drug and especially not a drug addiction. That exact thinking is what can send that very behavior spiraling out of control and directly to a needle. Typically, when people think of heroin addicts, they think of dirty people, a cheap motel, and a bad neighborhood. I can tell you that, yea there are people like that, but nowadays, heroin use is on a rise and among communities that are the exact opposite. It has gone from a problem to an epidemic. A heartbreaking one.

There are types of medications, such as naltrexone and suboxone that block the actually high when doing a drug, therefore fighting the cravings. However, I mean part of you wants to stop and say, “wait… pills for someone who’s addicted to prescription pills and opiates?” As far as I’ve witnessed they do work the way they are intended to, but does that mean that it’s a cure all? No. For most, the drug always finds a way to win.

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  1. Wow - first of all i'm sorry to hear about your brother and hope that he finds a way out sooner than later. Your right, addiction is a scary thing and I have also witnessed herion addiction first hand. Almost exactly a year ago, a 'bad batch' of heroin was sold to many kids that I went to high school with who all do it. Within one week, there were four deaths of kids my age. Unfortunately, the rest of their friends, even some of their family members are still shooting up heroin. Addiction is a very scary thing and hope someone can find a way to regulate or stop this 'outbreak'. Wishful thinking, I know.