Sunday, September 18, 2011

1st - Motivation

I admit that I never really looked deep into our motivation for doing something or engaging in a particular action. For example, I never really thought there was an underlying motive or incentive for why I ate; I would have just assumed, well, because I am hungry. However, after reading about the push/pull motivation theory, I now realize that there is a motive/incentive behind everything we do; every action, every emotion, every behavior. An action can start with either a motive pushing someone to do something or an incentive that is pulling or enticing someone to do something. As far as emotion is concerned, I personally just attributed to the way I feel. If I am frustrated, it’s just because that’s how I feel today. I never necessarily broke it down and thought my frustration may be a result of a blocked goal. I found a somewhat relatable, very cute video in which it shows someone becoming frustrated (emotion) from not being understood (blocked goal).

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  1. Isn't it funny how one article can make you think so much? Honestly, when people eat, who really thinks "What is making me want to eat right now?" It is so crazy to think that there is an incentive or motive behind everything we do.