Thursday, September 29, 2011

Push and Pull

I guess I never really thought about what motivated or drove me until this class, I always just thought it was something natural that everyone possessed. As described in the slides to be motivated is to be moved to action/behavior or change in action/behavior. This usually stems from something new or something no one else has done. One of the biggest things that we talked about and that motivates me is when you are rejected or failed. The first thing you want to do is get right back up and finish or succeed in whatever you were trying to accomplish. That feeling of rejection or failure is extremely motivating for a person. The other thing we talked about in class is the push and pull theory. Motives push a person into action toward an end state, for example, hunger as a push towards food. On the other end, incentives pull a person towards an end state, for example, chocolate pulls a person towards it. This push and pull of your motives versus your incentives is a theory that can be found in just about anything. Whether it's biological needs or a psychological need to belong, motives and incentives seem to eventually interact with each other.

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  1. You're definitely lucky to have rejection as a motivator. Most people find rejection to be a full on deterrent from something, to the point where all it takes is one person putting something they enjoy down to completely deflate their enthusiasm. It's unfortunately rare to find someone who strives to work harder and improve through motivation, and you should use that ability to guide you to success.